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PS 57 Clifton


Durning 2003/04
The 5th grad students continued to send close to 1900 Saftey Gates petitions a day to all NYC schools. They have worked on the Gates Campaign website and written letters to the Mayor.

Ms Lockhart is going to Wasington to meet with Secratary Martinez on April 24, 2003 to request funding for Saftey Gates on fire escape windows for all New York City HUD subsidized housing developments.

Ms Lockhat has also invited several speakes to visit the class which include:

-NYC Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum
-HUD Representatives
-Local elected officials
- Young Democrates and Republicans
-Ms Lockhart met with HPD to discuss funds available for landlords
-Ms Lockhart met with many city council members to discuss the bill
-Ms Lockhart met with several landlord groups to discuss funding and saftey
-We are back to work to convince the NYS Assembly and Senate to pass the law...